I02106091 ▶ 萬不可與人知道
I02106092 ▶ 朕即福人矣
I02106093 ▶ 朕心寒之極
I02106094 ▶ 朕生平不負人
I02106095 ▶ 立志做一人物
I02106096 ▶ 如朕親臨
I02106097 ▶ 微服私訪不要聲張
I02106098 ▶ 戒急用忍
I02106099 ▶ 知道了
I02106100 ▶ 朕本布衣
I02106101 ▶ 不與朕相干
I02106102 ▶ 朕就是這樣漢子

We have many different types of embroidered key tags. Come and check out our embroidered keychains. Multi-purpose tags, suitable for distinguishing personal items as key label tags, luggage tags, and bag accessory tags. This carefully crafted keepsake adds charm to the item you want to match.

  • 尺寸(cm):13.3x3.3 誤差值+/-0.3
  • 淨重︰8g+/-2
  • 成分︰35% NYLON、65% POLYESTER、Metal