Express my deep blessing through cards.
How have you been?
No matter how far apart there.
I hereby give you my genuine blessing with this exquisite embroidered postcard.
Just wanna tell you...

Dear mommy I07103001
Happy Mother's Day I07103002
Mama I love you ●Yellow I07103003
母愛 I07103004
老母 辛苦了 I07103005
Happy Mother's Day ●Rose I07103006
LOVE I07103007
媽的節快樂 I07103008
Love You I07103009
Mama I love you ●Blue I07103010
Mama I love you ●Pink I07103011
Mama I love you ●Black I07103012
Take Me Home ●Red I07103016
Take Me Home ●Pink I07103014
Take Me Home ●Blue I07103017
Take Me Home ●Yellow I07103018
Take Me Home ●Blue I07103015
Happy Birthday (star) I07103020
氣球Happy Birthday I07103021
黑皮啵s DAY I07103025
蛋糕Happy Birthday I07103019
小熊Happy Birthday I07103024
禮物Happy Birthday I07103022
  • SIZE(CM): 11 X 11   +/-0.2
  • N.W.: 13g+/-1